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About SmartWax


SmartWax Australia who are we? And what do we represent?


SmartWax Australia was founded by Chad Zani


For every bottle you buy $1 is dontated to charities that build clean water projects.


Always having had a love of cars, but with the addition to his life of a young family, our impact on the environment around us has become a major concern for Chad.  With this in mind Chad wanted to create a business opportunity that offered real value, whilst maintaining social and environment responsibility. 


It was these cornerstones that created the vision of Smartwax Australia, Smartdetailing Australia and Envi LLC with Smartwax being the most environmentally responsible automotive product range in the world, and Envi - detailing on demand - being the best business opportunity in Australia.


SmartWax has been operating in the US for over 30 years and for over 10 years in Australia.   In Australia, end users already benefiting from the Smartwax range include the Water Corporation of Western Australia, Thrifty rent-a-car, RAA, NRMA Motorserve and many others.


 Eco-Friendly, Efficient and Safe


Australians are becoming smarter with water usage and water conservation.  Efficient showerheads, water tanks and drip systems in our gardens are commonplace.  Home water conservation and preservation is rising.


We now need to become water efficient with cleaning our cars, boats, caravans and trucks.  The EPA has stated it takes on average 200 litres of water to clean a car with a hose, bucket and sponge.  Fortunately there is a smarter way.


SmartWax Australia is leading the way in terms of educating and supplying the Australian public with an eco friendly ‘waterless solution’ and launched 2 products onto the Australian market in 2007.


SmartDetail and SmartONE  are applied with a spray application that cleans and waxes your car exterior in the one process without the need for and high environmental cost of using water. Formulated with carnauba wax and high-tech reflective polymers they form a protective coat that bonds to the paint, sealant or wax finish, and leaves your vehicle with a slick shiny just polished surface that will extend the life of your car exterior.


Whats more the products look and even smell great, so no more petrochemical smells or toxins

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